Conference Scholarship

IPPS Conference Scholarship

Are you a person who wants a future in Plant Production?
Do you want to learn more about plant propagation and nursery production techniques?
Ever wondered what IPPS New Zealand is all about?

Then apply for the IPPS Conference Scholarship and we can help you on your career path.

The International Plant Propagators’ Society is proud to offer this scholarship to those with a genuine interest in plant production and who wish to extend and improve their knowledge, network with others and explore a career in plant production.

The nursery industry worldwide is a thriving and dynamic industry to be involved with. At the heart of this industry are the plants and the people who understand them.

Why this Scholarship?

This Scholarship will financially assist you to attend an IPPS New Zealand annual conference or a regional IPPS field trip so that you can meet new people and learn what IPPS is all about.

The annual conference includes a mixture of educational and industry-specific talks, workshops and field trips over approximately three days. Several regional field trips are run each year in different parts of New Zealand. Both of these events are a great way to socialise and share the IPPS passion for plants.

Scholarship Summary

1. Each year one scholarship may be awarded that will cover the conference registration fee of an IPPS conference in New Zealand (excluding accommodation, travel, and non-conference meals).

2. Each year one scholarship per field trip may be awarded that will cover the field trip registration fee and other trip costs up to a value of $150, for an IPPS field trip in New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria

Any current members of the IPPS New Zealand Region can apply for this scholarship.

Recipients will be required to write up a summary of their IPPS conference or field trip experiences in a format that is suitable for publishing in the IPPS New Zealand newsletter.

Applicants for the IPPS Conference Scholarship must be a New Zealand citizen or hold permanent New Zealand residency.

Applications will only be accepted using the IPPS Conference Scholarship Application Form (available to download below) and all sections must be completed.

Scholarship recipients agree to allow IPPS to publicise their name, photograph and brief biographical details in promotional material, IPPS newsletters and through other media.

This scholarship may only be awarded once to the same recipient.

Contact Glenys Evans 04 293 2501 or email for further information.