Award of Recognition

Presented for outstanding service to the IPPS New Zealand Region.


  • The recipient must have made a significant contribution to the IPPS New Zealand Region over a period of time.
  • The recipient must be a member of IPPS New Zealand, but do not have to be active at the time the award is presented.
  • It is not expected that the award will be presented to members of the IPPS New Zealand Region for significant contributions to other regions or at an International level.


  • It is recommended that the award is presented at the IPPS New Zealand Region conference annually
  • Only under extenuating circumstances should more than one award be made per year.
  • Although it is recommended that the award should be made annually, this is not obligatory.

Selection panel:
The selection panel should be made up of three people including the immediate past International Director, 1st vice president and one or more on the committee with a long association with the NZ IPPS region, ideally the historian and/or secretary and/or treasurer. Selection should be made from nominations from the membership.

Presentation of the award should be made at the IPPS New Zealand region's conference and should consist of a wooden plaque which will become the property of the recipient.

Members are invited to put forward the names of any member they feel would fit the criteria of either the above awards and some background information to the Secretary

Previous winners:
2023    Terry Hatch
2021    Lindsey Hatch
2018    Hayden Foulds
2017    Brent McKenzie|
2015    Mark Brown
2013    Jill Reader
2012    Glenys Evans
2011    Murray Mannall
2010    Peter Waugh
2009    Dave Ogilvy
2008    Chris Barnaby
2007    Phil Carson
2006    John Liddle
2005    Shirley Ogilvy
2005    Grant Hayman
2005    Gus Evans
2004    Mike Geenty