The IPPS New Zealand Regions highest award for all round meritorious service.


  • Meritorious service to the IPPS New Zealand Region.
  • Meritorious service to New Zealand Horticulture.
  • Must be an active member of the IPPS New Zealand Region at the time the award is presented.


  • The award is only to be presented when there is a suitable recipient.
  • No more than one award is to be presented per year.

Selection panel:
The selection panel should be made up of three people including the current president, 2nd vice president and one other with a long association with the IPPS New Zealand Region, ideally the historian or secretary or treasurer. Selection should be made after informal consultation with the membership.

Presentation of the award should be made at the IPPS New Zealand Regions conference and should consist of a wooden bowl, which can be kept by the recipient until a new recipient has been named, and a plaque which will become the property of the recipient.

Award of Merit Recipients

2023    Jack Hobbs
2021    Grant Hayman
2018    Philip Smith
2017    Jeff Elliott
2015    Eric Appleton
2014    Ian Duncalf
2013    Ray Lawson
2012    Shirley Ogilvy
2011    Terry Hatch
2010    Richard Ware
2009    Ken Davey
2008    Ellaby Martin
2007   Jim Rumbal
2006    Malcolm Woolmore
2005    John Follett
2004    Dennis Hughes
2001    Jan Velvin
1998    Noel McMillan
1996    Terry Hatch
1995    Eddie Welsh
1994    Graeme Platt