New Zealand Conference Presentations 2016

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Novel Genetic Marker Techniques Revolutionise Apple Breeding

Author: Sue Gardiner

Genetic marker techniques revolutionise apple breeding.
An Introduction to Pot-in-Pot Nursery Production

Author: Robert L. Geneve

The nursery industry is highly dependent on container plant production. Utilizing sustainable inputs and adopting sustainable practices have become a significant trend for horticultural production world-wide. This has led to a significant increase in pot-in-pot nursery production in the US, especially for large caliper trees traditionally produced as field-produced balled – and - burlapped crops (McNiel et al., 1996). Pot-in-pot production is a combination of traditional container and field production where the production container is placed within an in-ground socket pot
Lean Production and your Plant Factory

Author: Scott A. Langlois

Lean production and your plant factory
From Toyohashi to Tokyo

Author: Kim Wood

Japanese exchange scholarship